Facing My Faith, Faithing My Face #15

Is the condemnation of #polygamy by Christian religions based on any biblical ideas? Can Polygamy be practical? Why does society stigmatize polygamy? Some thoughts?

Awake and Unafraid

In which I start asking difficult questions.

I’ve been thinking about conflicts between Christian (especially Catholic) doctrine on things such as marriage and sexuality, and reality, for a long time, and I’ve decided that I really need to explore them in more depth, not just the ideas, but where they come from. So I’m starting with this question: Why did God allow polygamy / bigamy in the Bible? and I want to comment on the answer given by www.gotquestions.org (I didn’t pick this website for any particular reason other than it was high up on the list when I googled “polygamy and bible”).

Answer: The question of polygamy is an interesting one in that most people today view polygamy as immoral while the Bible nowhere explicitly condemns it.

So why did changes in marriage legislation make some people fear that marriage would no longer be monogamous? If monogamy is not even…

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