For Better or For Worse

an interesting insight into how a couple handles their wants & needs: “he realized that HE has the right to say “yes” AND I still have the right to say “no” ‘ …but what if he says “yes” and she says “no”? Doesn’t the no-vote ultimately decide?


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As many of you know, or have surmised, Professor and I hit a really rough patch in our relationship.  Actually, it was bad enough that for the first time in 20+ years of marriage, the “D” word was thrown out.  It wasn’t like any plans for permanent separation were made, but we had never even said the word before, because we never had these kind of problems.  I am not going into details, and it wasn’t anything life altering, but it was devastating to us.

Because we took vows that said “for better or for worse”, we knew we had to do all the work necessary to fix us again.  We have talked and talked and talked and talked.  We have also cried and yelled and slept in separate beds and I even ran away from home for a short amount of time.  But we kept coming back and working.

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