Reflections After Reading Neil Strauss’s “The Truth”

an interesting note on how #bdsm is considered a sexuality…and how one could go from a #poly status…to #monogamy and back to #poly. Is our identity often changing?

Bianca Alba, MPH

Magnus's BD/SM Gender Unicorn presented at NACS. Magnus’s BD/SM Gender Unicorn presented at NACS.

When I attended NACS in Reykjavik last month, I met a wonderful person named Magnus, who was in the process of speaking to the Icelandic Minister of Health about having BD/SM removed as a pathology from the Icelandic version of the DSM. A critical (and fascinating) point of his argument is that BD/SM is not a sexual compulsion, or even preference, but a sexual orientation, and that many kinky people are more sexually oriented to a specific BD/SM role than partners of a specific gender. This is obviously not true for everyone, but it is an interesting and valid idea. However, it potentially falls into the same traps as the “born this way” argument that has been used to further LGBTQI rights- that sexual orientation is essential, fixed, and immutable, and that we don’t have a choice in the matter. I don’t believe that sexual…

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