Why Sexual Orientation (and Gender Identity) is Not Really “a Thing”

this has an insight into what we often think of #GenderIdentity and #SexualOrientation and how they are not “assigned” or measured by behavior at a given time but self-determined…and how our laws limiting them are arbitrary and subjective…and may eventually be overturned from legal challenges (such as the claims for same-sex marriage).

gender identityWhat does it actually mean when we refer to one’s sexual orientation or gender identity? The answers seem obvious to most, that is, until we actually have to land on an answer. This question takes on great importance when it involves consequential public policy as Houston citizens are presently facing.

You might recall, in 2014, Houston Mayor Annise Parker passed the smoothly titled Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) through her city council to much fanfare and then proceeded to demand her city’s pastors dutifully submit, as her diktat stated, “all speeches, presentations or sermons” related to HERO to her for approval. One appreciates confidence and boldness in their elected officials, but jeez.

The Texas Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the ordinance must either be repealed by the City Council or put up for a vote by Houston’s citizens. So the law’s future goes before Houston voters November 3

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