Guest Blogger Emmanuelle de Maupassant Defines the Erotic Edge

some deep insights on the attraction to the dark side that many erotica authors attempt to create

f dot leonora

I am very pleased to have Emmanuelle de Maupassant as my guest today. She is a true connoisseur of the erotic genre, and is not afraid to explore its dark side. It seemed only appropriate on the eve of Halloween, to explore the raw and forbidden aspects of erotica with her!

‘I am a forest, and a night of dark trees.’ 

― Friedrich Nietzsche 

I am a different person by night.

Velvet-wrapped in my shadow-self, I have license to breathe more deeply.

Whatever your heart and soul craves may be subdued but it can never be put aside. Vital appetites do not abate.

Perhaps, what you thirst for is not the reflection in the mirror but something beyond and behind, only visible when there is no light: a realisation of your darker self.

Taking pleasure in thoughts of revenge, debasement, danger, fear, pain and violence, is this my ‘real’ self?

It is, although other…

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  1. Thank you for sharing here Dave

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