an interesting post how anticipation heightens stress about meeting someone who is late & doesn’t call – the feeling of neglect and how anger kills libido (or at least makes for an awkward situation)…

hiding in plain sight

Tonight is when The Pedant is (ostensibly?) coming over and making up for being too late to come by the other night. But he’s late again.

ETA was originally “nineish.” At 8:30 or so he texted me to say he was running late and would be here closer to ten. I figured he must have remembered my previous spiel to him about needing more of a heads-up on this stuff – I don’t like hearing that someone will be late to see me after their planned arrival time has passed. So he gave me a heads up and I was frustrated by the change in plans but happy he was communicating with me. But at 10:47 I hadn’t heard from him again. I texted “…Dude you’re killing me.” It’s now 11pm and the message hasn’t been read yet. He’s probably in transit, I’m guessing, but who the hell knows.


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interested in alternative relationships, visual artist, erotic romance writer and reviewer of erotica, drug rehab clinic intern - early 30's
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