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The author of this post mentions Dr. Anya’s forthcoming title – she has an interesting story about being fired for her #poly positions – and how she is coping with the practical aspects of change in her relationship. #Polyamory has its ups and downs. It is good to have polyamorous ideals to work toward.


This looks interesting-  I like the “evolution of consciousness” part of the title. I will read and reflect on it here soon.

Metamour was here this past weekend and it was our first chance to “process” (I say it in quotations because it’s such an over-used word) together in person our multi-layered reactions to swinging and hot wifing.   The hardest part about long distance is how stuff like this can take so much longer to work through.

Now that the shock and the fears and the need to understand has been addressed and particularly now that Husband has done a lot of work too, I feel relieved to put the whole topic away and maybe never re-visit it.  Just let it go, wish them luck.  Resolve to use remaining feelings for internally channeling to maintain perspective, self-examination, keeping focus on the way I am meant to love, that sort of thing.

Amazing how much remains…

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