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With the burst of independent authors vying for a position in the world’s self-publishing arena, everyone is trying to find their best genre and niche for the greatest success. If you find a lucrative genre and a niche that you can be competitive in, the sky is really the limit as far as earning royalties and becoming self-sufficient. This ebook, combined with our companion ebook “7 Step System for Writing Erotic and Selling Erotica” is written to show you how to find your voice in this genre, and find a reader base that you can grow with as a writer.
I have written over 130 books that have been published on Amazon, which have made me instant cash through ghostwriting, and which are also making me daily royalties. Royalties are awesome, because it is a way for your books to constantly generate passive income while you are living your life. I sold 5 books this morning alone, even before I climbed my lazy butt out of bed. I am here to tell you that it can be done if you set your goals and always keep your reader in mind while you are writing.
As a bestselling author, a ghostwriter and a publisher, I have seen terrible erotic fiction come across my desk. Clients purchase this fiction from another ghostwriter, and it is so bad that they bring it to me and ask me to ‘fix it’. I can tell that the story was written probably while the writer was serving cold cereal to her infant in her kitchen instead of finding a time where she could be creative with the story and the characters. Don’t do this to your readers. You won’t maintain a readership and build an audience by giving them garbage. I will explain a few things that make great erotic fiction in this book. Then it is up to you to implement those changes with your own writing in order to start generating great stories for your audience.”

There’s no denying the chemistry between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. From the moment she stumbles into his office until that fateful last scene, their desire captivated you, maybe even made you a little jealous.

You couldn’t stop thinking about the book—or feeling its effects. For a few delicious days (or weeks) you lived in their fantasy world. But then the book ended. And your desire began to fade.

But what if that intense desire you felt didn’t have to end when you closed the book?
What if you and your spouse could be on the same page sexually—literally?

Gentlemen, what if you could read her mind and turn her on whenever you wanted?

Ladies, what if he worshipped you like Christian does Anastasia?

An innovative combination of CliffsNotes and choose-your-own-adventure tales for adults, Fifty Shades for Couples invites you to relive the erotic magic from the best-selling novel, in your own relationship.

With scene descriptions, character analysis, Acting-it-Out suggestions, and a comprehensive resource list, you’ll return to Fifty Shades for Couples again and again, long after you’ve finished reading James’s book.

It’s about witnessing what happens with “real” people, in real-life situations. It’s about building loving and fun relationships. The readers get real-life, fun, positive ideas, and it’s written in a style which brings humor to the subject. There’s a level intelligence behind it,

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