A Matter of Valentine’s Day

what to give yor partner on V-Day? an erotic tale

Lisa Fox Romance

A Valentine’s Day free read staring Trask and Rena from A MATTER OF LUST

A Matter of Valentine's Day

“Today is Valentine’s Day,” Rena said, resting her head on Trask’s chest, a satisfied smile playing on her lips. They had just made slow, languid morning love and she was jelly in his arms, utterly boneless. She squinted at the ultra-bright sunlight streaming through their bedroom windows and shut her eyes against the glare. Sure, it seemed all shiny and inviting, but Rena knew exactly how depressingly deceptive that was. Brooklyn had been bombarded by cold and snow recently, and the world outside was ice, and nothing she wanted to deal with any sooner than she absolutely had to. She burrowed deeper into Trask’s arms, savoring his heat.

“I see,” he said, stroking his fingers through her hair, letting them roam down her back, and then up again, a leisurely trail that strummed her nerve endings…

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interested in alternative relationships, visual artist, erotic romance writer and reviewer of erotica, drug rehab clinic intern - mid 20's
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