Here come holidays, here comes family…. UGH!

strategies for #poly coming-out to family during holidays in this post

Billy Holder

WIth the holidays coming up quickly I wanted to put out a bit of early advice .  I get asked every year many times over, “How do I tell my family that I am Poly?” and “Should I come out at family holiday gatherings?”

The answer to the first question is complicated so I will skip it for now.
The answer to the second one is an easy one for me…. No.   My reason is as follows.  There is so much stress and so many opinions at holiday dinners that most families won’t have the emotional reserves to process all the information that they will need to to fully accept you for who you are. So standing up and making this huge announcement, while admirable as your intentions may be,  can backfire and be a horrid disaster.   There will also be a lot of questions in most cases…

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