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some interesting insights into #bdsm in this post

Sex(uality) & the City


by Randall S. Frederick

Q: I’m trying to get into BDSM with my boyfriend and have been reading things on the Internet about how to get into it. I love your site(!!!) but it’s really a lot to take in and I’m reading on your site (such good content!!!) but I’m a little confused on what a “scene” is – is that whatever kind of sex you’re having or porn acting or what?

A: Typically, when someone is talking about a “scene”, they are referring to the expression of sexual play that you are participating in. The best way I can explain this is to suggest that you step away from the idea of “sex as sex” as though all sex is the same. It’s not. When you begin to think of sex as a playful activity and a scene as the direction your imagination takes you and your partner(s)…

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