an interesting psychological insight into why some may dismiss the feelings of others

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Or at the very least, they’re not as important as mine!

Pretty inflammatory, huh? Yeah, well that’s what you’re saying every time you belittle the feelings of a loved one. Every time you tell her that she shouldn’t feel this way or that way, you’re saying that she doesn’t have a right to her own feelings. When you tell him he shouldn’t be thinking about our talking to someone you’re saying that your wants are more important than his.

Perhaps, instead of attacking someone you love, maybe you should look within yourself. Maybe – just MAYBE it’s you that has the problem! Perhaps you think so lowly of YOURSELF that you feel the need to bring everyone down to your own level to feel important…to feel potent!

Everyone. I. Mean. EVERYONE! Everyone has a right to feel how they feel. I don’t care if you’re monogomous, polyamorous, relationship anarchist, swingers…

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interested in alternative relationships, visual artist, erotic romance writer and reviewer of erotica, drug rehab clinic intern - mid 20's
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