Strange double standards when it comes to bisexuality

what is it with male bi-sexuality? some thoughts here


I find it interesting the way society seems to treat bisexuality differently depending on whether the bisexual in question is male or female. As a woman, my bisexuality has been easily accepted. When I’ve kissed or made out with another woman in public, I’ve never experienced any negativity from friends or those who may have thought I was straight. And that’s even when they know my partner (although I suppose that edges into a different discussion about cheating, polyamory, etc.).

The fluidity of female sexuality seems an easy sell. Guys often list it as their top fantasy and I don’t know many people that would consider it cheating if their girl kissed another girl (unless maybe they didn’t get to watch and I’d chalk that up as mostly FOMO). And honestly, I can see why. Women are such beautiful creatures, why wouldn’t they be attracted to their own sex? Why wouldn’t they want the…

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