Fun Questionnaire: What Does Consent Look Like to You?

an interesting discussion on #consent in #bdsmPlay

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Where we are willing, competent, not coerced, informed adults who consent outside of an act both prior and ongoing, we typically don’t look down on scenes or players even when serious, unplanned, bad things happen. That is to say, even though it is legally impossible to consent to most BDSM, we as a community consider there to be consent during an impossible-to-legally-consent-to act so long as consent considerations are observed. That begs the question: what do we consider?

Consent is cultural and changes from community to community. Neither you nor I have the one true form of consent, so please don’t think I’m here to end the discussion when I’m here to start it. Consent is also flexible, subjective, and relative.

Consider some of these questions and decide what forms consent for you.

For more, see Elements of Informed Consent*

I) Voluntariness

May Consent be given…

A) under no…

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