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Purr Scent I: The Meeting: Purr Billionaire BDSM MFF Menage Erotic Romance (Purr Billionaire BDSM Trio Book 1) by Jacintha Topaz

spanking, whipping, and dubious consent between two adults, male and female

hot steamy cornered-in-your-own-office scene with handcuffs, whipping, gag and blindfold. OK, so it’s a bit non-consensual, since the ultra independent female doesn’t want to openly admit she needs it, but her body sure gives off the smell of aroused woman

Origins of a Fetish: The Evolving Fantasies and Fetishes of a Gentleman (Experiences Book 1) 

by Simone Freier

a romance novel with two different types of romance. The first is the relationship between the main character, Sam, and his wife, Sarah. The other type of romance is the erotic flights of fancy Sam experiences with a couple of different characters during the novel. For a little less than half of the novel, both of these exist to some extent. Then, one overtakes the other as Sam loses Sarah and needs to find an escape “into the fantasies of pain, from the reality of pain.” After two years of grieving, he begins to explore his sexual fantasies more deeply than ever before.

Bound as His Slave (First-Time Gay BDSM Domination Erotica) 

by Nathan J Morissey

alpha male Dean is forced to submit to stronger alpha males if he wants to survive on Muscle Island.

As his body and spirit are broken, he is reluctantly initiated into the sordid yet arousing world of the carnal pleasures of the male flesh. This world of BDSM pushes the boundaries of normal gay sex to a level where the ultimate orgasms await.

And there, Dean finds himself addicted and bound to a more dominant man, succumbing to the sweet temptations, and ultimately, willingly becoming his lover’s submissive sex slave.

Indecent Cravings (The Indecent Cravings Series Book 1)

by S.K. Cross

Abigail is a rich society girl from Massachusetts, who has two older sisters. She goes to Wellesley College & it’s the summer before her senior year. She is fed up with her proper family & doing what they think is the right thing. She decides to ditch her upper crust life & hops on a plane to Miami. She is going to stay with her friend, Karissa who she met on Facebook but has yet to meet her in person. Karissa is a funny, kind, outgoing, beautiful girl who just so happens to have a monster c**k & a very manly boyfriend from Tennessee named Jaxon. Abigail sees a hot guy on the plane & on her way to the bathroom they hit turbulence & she ends up straddling his leg & having an orgasm. He gets off the plane before she can talk to him or give him her number. Her first night in Miami she goes out to dinner with Karissa & Jaxon & has too much to drink. When she starts to choke on her steak she is shocked when the same man from the plane gives her the Heimlich maneuver & saves her. She finds out his name is Lukas Thorn & he is having dinner with a supermodel

The Fantasy Club (Hurts So Good) (Erotic Confessions Short #1)

by Bree Dahlia

Alex has serious discipline and spanking fantasies.

Nothing kindles her more than the intoxicating mixture of pain and pleasure. She is a slave to the sensations, the dizzying blend of bliss and hurt that she finds with a man who should be off limits to her.

She knows it’s wrong, but she can’t stop craving his hard-bitten words and callous actions. He knows how to give her that perfect balance of bitter and sweet, pushing her to the limit without plummeting over the edge.

No wonder she’s addicted…

Lost and Found (Discovery Series Book 1)

by Megan Fields

Needing control over her life, Ella turned to BDSM. She needs the control and trust the lifestyle of being Mistress of the House brings. What will happen when Ella is reunited with her first love, her first everything? Revealing her secret could push Jack away forever.

Ella is a Mistress. She wasn’t always the dominant one but after a horrible relationship she became one with the help of a new friend. Once upon a time she was young and in love with Jack. Then his family moved away and they were torn apart. Years later Ella was in another relationship. However this one was abusive and she almost wound up dead. She meets a woman named Izzy who helped her recover and find herself again. Now that she is a Mistress she no longer lives in fear. Jack and his brother have moved back to London, they have opened a photography and art studio. When she runs into him the first time all those feelings come rushing back. She isn’t sure what to think, so she panics. Jack is determined to see if there can be anything between them again. He knows that he is still in love with her and has never stopped loving her. He tells his brother about running into her and how she ran off. Later that night while Ella and Izzy were at work they had a new Dom coming to look at the place, Ella is very surprised when the new Dom is Alex. Alex is Jack’s brother. She asks him not to tell Jack that she wants to do it in her own time in her own way, he agrees. This decision comes back to bite her in the butt later. Jack sees Alex taking her home from the club that night and then again Jack and Alex’s opening. He thinks they she and Alex are together and that is why she just wants to be friends with him. Jack comes by the next day and they talk. She tells him about her past relationship that was abusive. Jack is beside himself with anger. He lets her know that he is there for her and will be in any way she will let him be. She tells him that she will always love him, but right now she needs him as a friend. Will Ella find the courage to tell Jack about her being a Mistress, or will he find out in some other way? How will Jack react if he finds out?
I loved this book. I was steamy when it needed to be but overall more a romance to me. Ella struggled so much after the abusive relationship. She shut down basically. Izzy saw something in her the day they met. It really helped her recover by becoming a Mistress. Izzy’s character is great too. She is funny and supportive. Alex and Jack are fantastic in their own ways. Both are fiercely protective of those they love. Jack wasn’t willing to take no as an answer from Ella but he was willing to give her time. Ella was so worried about how he would react when she told him that she kept putting it off. I really love how Ella’s sister Lottie still responds to the mere presence of Alex. There is definitely a story there and I can’t wait to read it. Even though they had been apart for so long that spark or whatever you want to call it was still there and as strong as before.

The Interview: Law Firm Erotica Book I

by Silk Jones

Laura has lost her job as an accountant at a law firm she worked at for 10 years. She takes her time looking for a new position, when reading (BDSM) Erotica leads her to a BDSM site and the ad for a submissive legal assistant.

Mr. Hobbs is boss, alpha male, and sexy Dom all rolled into one. He has Laura come in for an interview, and he’s very intrigued by her, even though she is obviously an untrained submissive that has a wee bit of trouble following orders! Not to worry, Mr. Hobbs is more than a happy to correct the little subbie!

I really enjoyed this book. It was a great BDSM Fantasy read, being a submissive in the lifestyle myself, there were things about this book that told me the author did her research. A couple of things really stood out to me.

This line for instance.

“Do you realize the being a submissive is a set of personality traits as opposed to a practice?”

Nailed it!

This next paragraph made me laugh out loud, mainly because it’s so true!

“So you think you’re a submissive because you’ve read 50 Shades of Gray and got a little turned on? Do you think that makes you and half the sex-starved housewives in Nebraska submissives?”

Mr. Hobbs takes a moment to show Laura what happens to naughty subs that don’t follow orders.

Ten Ways To Meet You

by Alexis Alvarez

Shy Kate daydreams about meeting the cute guy in the coffee shop; her fantasies run from sweet kisses to dark, BDSM-laced sessions bent over the hood of his car. But when it comes time to talk to him face-to-face, will she have the courage?

This is a super-short story of 8500 words – basically it’s a taste of Alexis Alvarez’ writing style. This book also includes excerpts from longer works by Alexis. Although short, it still manages to squeeze in some spanking and elements of BDSM,

Capture: Part One (Capture Series – Erotic Fiction Book 1)

by Alexis Alvarez

When confident photographer Mia arrives at Chicago’s exclusive, trendy BDSM dungeon to take pictures for the handsome dominant owner, Michael Hawke, sparks fly and a powerful connection develops between them. Michael is sexy as hell, and he wants to expose Mia’s darkest desires and teach her about the pleasures of dominance and submission. She’ll only submit to him on her own terms, however – and she’s very clear about what she wants.

This book contains detailed descriptions of consensual sex between a heterosexual couple, including BDSM, bondage and spanking.

Maid to Obey (Billionaire’s Pet Book 4)

by Sasha Storm $2.99

if she doesn’t serve and obey every whim of Marcus and Joe they will make it public. They subject her to bondage and maid duty, with a big dose of frustration and BDSM training on the side!

Maid to Obey, the 9,200-word fourth installment in the BDSM “Billionaire’s Pet” series, explores dominance, submission, MfM menage, humiliation, bondage (leather cuffs, metal chains, two types of gags), spanking, anal and oral, masturbation, maid dressup and roleplay, and more.

The Mistress- Book 1 Training Chastity

by Olivia Montague

A chance encounter with Olivia Montague, a wealthy Dominatrix, changes her life forever, leading Chastity into a hidden world where few have the opportunity to venture. Soon though, the experienced Mistress realizes that her new lodger is insatiable, and quick to learn..

‘Training Chastity’ is the first installment of a three part novella series following the relationship between Olivia and Chastity as they progress along the young submissive’s journey into the world of pleasure and pain, dominance and submission.

From Innocence to Chains

by Bonnie Robles

Her transformation came in the form of a beautiful man with dominant tendencies in the bedroom. This is the story of how her innocence drove her to chains.

Pay Me to Whip- Hardcore Female Domination/Payment for Pleasure Erotica

by Lexi Voss (Author), Payment For Domination (Author)

Helga walks over to Bob and begins to take her whip and starts to rub his penis and balls with it and hits them a little and says to Bob “I don’t think your worthy of touching yourself while looking at me”. Bob says “but I am I have been a very good boy, I haven’t masturbated once this week I promise”. Helga replies back “hmm I am not sure let’s see” as she reaches down and grabs his dick hard and pulls on it and then grabs his balls and squeezes and says “your right feels like your balls are full. Ok bob you can begin to masturbate slowly looking at me and your eyes better not come off me”. Helga begins to walk around the room bending over and putting her foot up fixing her shoe and bob strokes his penis up and down and starts to get real big and Helga begins to notice it and says, “wow bob you do have a big penis, take your hand away let me see it” Helga takes her whip hits it a little while totally erect and says to bob “ok continue but don’t cum until I says so or I will leave now.”

Mr. and Mrs. Lee’s Mistress: A Hot and Steamy Erotic Novelette

by K.G. Gemini

Mr. and Mrs. Lee are a wealthy, open-minded, happily married couple who pays Veronica Demassi very well to serve as their mistress, and Jon Lee’s personal assistant. Veronica is faced with the task of using her feminine wiles, and whatever else it takes, to convince two influential men to agree on Jon Lee’s land acquisition. One of the influential men is the highly esteemed Reverend Brandon George, an African-American community activist and pastor of a diverse congregation, who works to prevent new businesses from coming into the neighborhood and increasing rental rates for the current vendors. How will Veronica get close enough to persuade the reverend? In the meantime Miranda Lee, who was a virgin from India when she married her Chinese husband, was content with their mistress until the unexpected happened. Now Mrs. Lee wants a ‘mister’, which she considers to be the male equivalent of a mistress. Sit back, relax, and enjoy finding out who gets what they want, and how, in this erotic, page turning novelette.

Claiming His Tease (Club Rack and Ruin Book 1)

by Amy Valenti

Lena is a switch – seventy percent Domme, thirty percent sub. When she’s forced to give up her seat to a more Dominant man on Rack and Ruin’s opening night, she resolves never to submit to him, on principle. The trouble is, she really, really wants to…

Josh is all Dom and sexy as hell, and he’s prepared to wait for Lena to come to him. All she has to do is kneel at his feet, and she’ll be his. But is she too stubborn to give him the satisfaction?

To complicate matters further, their charged little game has drawn the curiosity of most of the club’s regulars. All eyes are upon them, which makes Lena all the more determined not to submit.

Lena is a switch. In her opinion more Domme than submissive, she refuses to submit to just anyone. When she meets Josh at a club opening her world is suddenly turned upside down. From the moment she laid eyes on him her every instinct is to kneel at his feet and give him complete and utter control over her. She is bound and determined to not give.

Josh was just as intrigued by Lena after their meeting. She is a puzzle to be unraveled. A woman with enough mystery to keep him coming back for more time and time again. He is determined to not only make her submit but to ultimately make her his.


by Lucia Jordan

Colby can feel an surging attraction to Jax but is she ready to enter the strange and dark world of BDSM? Is it too dangerous to get physical with a future business partner? Or will Colby’s body give in to its undeniable urges?

Training Piper (Steps to Submission Book 1)

by Lexie X

It’s a week into freshman year, and introvert Piper’s already had enough problems avoiding her popular and gorgeous blonde roommate… but when Isabella accidentally walks in on her masturbating, things take a sudden turn for the strange. Isabella’s adamant that the only way to avoid an awkward year is to talk about it and be very open with each other – but that openness quickly gets out of hand.

Content advisory: contains strong themes of domination and submission, first times between girls, and a long, salacious buildup and payoff.

The Session

by Emma Bishop

Aaron has been working with a patient named Nicole, using BDSM to help her work through some of her issues with giving up control. In the process, however, he has developed feelings of his own for the woman; he feels compromised and isn’t sure whether or not he should pursue the feelings or refer her to someone else for her needs

Tied Up at Christmas

by Odette Haynes

Grace and Tom are a young couple who have been together for five years. Recently their sex life has taken a dive and they’re both worried that it could be a symptom of a larger problem. However, upon the advice of a friend, Grace decides to try and reveal each other’s darkest fantasies so they can live them out together and put the spark back into their dormant relationship.

Slave – Volume 1: An Erotic Collection By Charlie Buxton

by Charlie Buxton

Some girls don’t know how to behave. Some girls get taught the hard way.

A collection of 15 erotic stories of girls being dominated BDSM, Bondage, Slavery, Domination, Submission, Oral, Forced, Sex, Roleplay, Shared and much more

Wild Lust

Jessa’s friend organises a solo trip for her on what she thinks is a run-of-the-mill singles cruise for a few days of cocktails, relaxation and flirting, when she learns what she is really boarding is a BDSM themed cruise ship – a boat devoted entirely to the lustful pleasure of single dominants and submissives. Jessa is initially furious at her friend but when she finds herself ritualistically bound to a hot dominating man for the night, she’s unsure whether to resist him or become the submissive he’s been searching for. Will Jessa stand firm, or willingly relent to the erotic delights this new world offers?

The Switch: The Pain And Pleasure Of Losing Control (BDSM, Roles Play, Switching of Roles, Subdued Woman)

by Delicia Thorn

Ashton Luther is a man at the helm of a billion dollar conglomerate, but to his family, he is nothing more than an errand boy with a fancy title. Being CEO meant nothing to his father and brothers, who constantly reminded him of his lower place on their biological totem pole. With his head down, Ashton goes about his daily duties, hoping to one day be good enough for even a pat on the back.

When Anna’s daughter is to be married, both Catalina and Ashton are forced to share a space and, as is the case with most relationships, the dominant shadow of one person always overcasts the weaker, more vulnerable party. Things reach a tipping point when an overly competitive Catalina, and a provoked Ashton, are tested and pushed to their limit.

Can the rules of dominance be broken when Ashton is pushed to the point of no return? Or will Ice Queen Catalina be forced to thaw when the heat of rope burn and the pumps of pressure are added to an already vibrating tension wire?
As it turns out, scales can tip in either direction if enough force is added; eventually the lack of balance will make some people welcome retrains and ultimately, some will switch.

Submissive Volume 1: Candid interviews with 20 lifestyle Submissives

by Roy Turner

Like her male counterpart, the submissive female comes in all types; she can quite often be a highly successful career woman in ‘real’ life that simply craves the occasional release from responsibility that comes through role-play, or a women who throws herself headlong into the lifestyle 100%. There was also a tendency to separate ‘Husbands/Lovers’ from ‘Masters’ and carry on a double-life either with or without their partner’s knowledge or consent. But there is also a much darker side too that is not found so much in the male submissive; a truly dangerous area that some women willingly step into.

These women certainly ‘walk the talk’; whether it is extreme role-play, slave training, pony-girl, enforced servitude and prostitution, abduction or even kidnapping. Consequently, some of the experiences related here could be considered extremely shocking and genuinely disturbing. It’s definitely not one for the faint-hearted!

For many interviewees, the need for domination had its roots, not surprisingly, in childhood. An authoritarian, even brutal, father—who went way beyond the occasional spanking, etc, started a trend, which they sought to recreate in future relationships. But other subjects found themselves instinctively drawn to it for reasons less explicable, certainly not out of diminished self-esteem or anything that obvious. In many of the stories told, the division between controlled and controller becomes blurred, in other words, the so-called submissive is actually directing the scenario. By far the most popular and powerful scenario for most women was the idea of being used by two or more men, total humiliation and degradation often being the key driver.

Hard Candy

by Ashleigh Lake

This is an explicit hardcore reverie detailing an intense sweaty encounter between Babydoll and a dominant male that’s managed to hold her complete sexual attention. No dirty detail is spared as the little blonde nymphette shows up on his doorstep with pink lollipop in hand, just as he’s returned from the gym and is impatiently waiting for her to arrive. She’s all long bare legs in her ultra-short miniskirt with cherry lips in a petulant pout, teasing him that she wants it hard. And she’s willing to beg for it.

Written as a stylistic and pornographic exploration of rough sex and the hard and soft facets of power exchanges, Hard Candy channels the heat of your darkest fantasies and leaves you breathless.

Fade to Black

by Ashleigh Lake

Soon, the femme fatale brunette is crushing on him hard and Aidan realizes that he may have finally met his match when it comes to sexual extremes. Lilah is no submissive little girl, however. She wants to turn the tables and give him a taste of his own medicine when it comes to total submission, and warns him upfront that she won’t take no to for an answer. Aidan’s reluctance to her persistent strap-on fantasies have him sweating and soon he’s trying to avoid all contact with her, yet there seems to be no escape.

As Aidan tries to juggle his relationship with Lauren and Lilah’s unwanted attention, everything comes to a head on one dark night when the lines finally begin to blur between fantasy and reality.

Dark Fantasy – Bisexual Female Domination

by Lexi Voss

She has always fantasized about being controlled sexually, she never would have thought car trouble would lead to her fantasy coming true.


“I don’t know what to say, no, I’m not slutty…I was just horny and thought I might find someone for a quickie after going out dancing tonight.”

“Well, Kayla, nothing about tonight will be quick, I guarantee you that. In fact everything will be excruciatingly slow, the anticipation is what makes for the greatest orgasms.”

Kayla sat there, thinking of how the aching in her clit was already building, how she wished she had went ahead and brought herself to an orgasm in the shower earlier. At least that would have relieved some of this tension. Everything Mark was saying was making her clit throb even harder.

Mark, driving somewhat slowly down the interstate, looked at her. “Take your top off” She looked at him with an innocent ‘are you serious’ kind of look. “You agreed to do what I said when I said.” She knew she agreed, and reluctantly pulled her shirt over her head “Now put your legs on the dash and lift your skirt up.” Again, very bashfully, she did as she was told, clinching her legs together. “Spread them apart, I want to see that…………..


by Lexington Manheim

Rod’s only trying to be a good boyfriend by indulging Violet’s fantasy—letting her drive him around the city in her car. Oh, did I mention he has to be naked? It’s a portable game of peek-a-boo as Violet deliberately makes every effort to be certain Rod’s seen by as many pedestrians and other motorists as possible, including delighted females only too happy to catch an unexpected eyeful. The mobile nudie show turns even wilder when they happen upon a college girls’ field hockey team. Let’s just say field hockey takes a backseat to a new ball game sitting naked in the front seat. This erotic comedy is for anyone who’s ever fantasized about getting caught nude in public, and it explores naughty fem domination in the world of CFNM—Clothed Female, Naked Male.
“I usually go to the public beach off Sunset,” continued the woman. “But that’s not nude. You gotta wear something there.”
“Well,” said Violet, “as you can see, he didn’t bring a swimsuit.”
“No, he didn’t.”
“He refuses to wear a stitch once he leaves the house.”
“Naked is the only way he’ll go.”
“Is that legal? I mean, ridin’ around like that?”
“Why? You gonna call a cop?” Violet’s tone was of a humorous vein that didn’t suggest this was a serious question.
“What reason I got to call a cop?” was the chuckling response of the bus stop lady. “If a guy wants to drive around with his wang hangin’ out, it’s no skin off my nose.”
“Nope,” chuckled Violet, “he provides all the skin!”
The two women laughed heartily. Incredibly, it seemed like they were bonding. How do women do that?
“Hey,” asked the bus stop lady, “if you’re nudists, how come you’re not naked?”
“Oh, I’m not a nudist. Just him.”
“Really?” For the first time, the woman turned to address me directly. “So you just do a solo nudie show?”
“Yeah,” I choked out.
“And you don’t care who sees?”
“I don’t care.”
The woman beamed an approving smile. “Well, that’s great. How many girls puttin’ on nudie shows for guys all over this world? Here’s a guy doin’ it the other way around. Cool.”
“Hey, you’re pretty cool, yourself,” chimed in Violet to her new friend. “Mind if I take a picture?”
“Guess not,” the woman shrugged.
In an instant, Violet had her cell phone out of her purse. She selected the camera setting, leaned backwards, and positioned the camera sideways so she could photograph both the face of the woman leaning through the window and all of me from the shins up.
“Smile.” Violet paused for the posed grins. Mine was forced. The bus stop lady’s was real. We heard the sound of the camera taking the shot. “One more!” Violet insisted. “This time, why don’t you put your arm around his shoulders. Rod, angle your body more in my direction so she can get her arm in there.”
I couldn’t change my seated position much because of the seat belt. Solution: Violet unbuckled the belt and gave it a pull to get it to retract all the way. I leaned my back so that it rested half on the seat and half on the door, giving Violet an excellent view of my hardening genitalia as I felt the bus stop lady slide a hand around my bare shoulders. The feeling of a strange woman touching me as I sat there naked and posing for a picture sent goose bumps through my body.
“Cheese!” said the woman. My god!—she had gotten so cheeky!
“Big smile, Rod!” prompted Violet.
“Big rod, Rod!” joked the bus stop lady, much to the hysterical delight of my girlfriend as she snapped the photo.
Violet was still chuckling about the joke when the bus stop lady asked, “Can I take one?”
“A picture? Sure.” Violet had taken total control of the situation. I wasn’t even consulted. As the woman fished her own cell phone out of a bag, my girlfriend positioned me such that I was now angled toward the passenger side window. Violet snuggled up against me, placing one hand on my shoulder and one hand on my thigh.
“Everybody smile,” instructed the bus stop lady as she framed the image. We did, and she snapped the picture.
Violet had one mo

Very Bad Romance: A Naughty Submissive Affair (Entangled Book 2)

by Posey Scott

“Millie was in a daze, her heart pounding. Brad made her feel things that Jay never had. “You want this don’t you” he demanded. “Yes, Yes, Yes” that threw her over the edge,…”

Millie Milburn and Jay Smith had been in an on-again/off-again relationship for years, they were always in a continuous cycle of fighting and steamy make up sex.
Their families were unaccepting of their impending marriage. Brown girls are not supposed to marry white boys.

The stress of their impending wedding has driven Millie crazy, that is until her personal trainer Brad gives her the ultimate de-stress workout.
Caught in the act, Millie knows she’s been a bad girl. Can she win Jay back, or has another already won his heart?

contains raunchy sexy sex scenes, backdoor, oral, spanking , infidelity and romance.

Skin: Chapter 3

by Megan O

Alex wanted this.

Everything is taken from her when she arrives at the Castle – her clothes, her history, even her name. In exchange, she is given only one command: obey.

Her new Skin is the uniform worn by all slaves in the Castle. She will be humiliated and degraded. She will be forced to go beyond her limitations, past the furthest boundaries of her tolerance for pleasure and pain. But if she endures, if she wears her Skin with pride, she will earn riches far greater than gold . . .

In this chapter, Blue and her friends continues their journey deeper into the secrets of the Castle. In a moment of passion the girls turn to each other for comfort, before experiencing an unexpected (but not undeserved) punishment.

A groundbreaking new saga of hardcore sex and submission.

A modern gothic twist on The Story of O.

Moniq: A BDSM Erotic Novel

by Old Cuck

Bob is an entirely ordinary gentlemen in his best years. The kids have gone from home and his life is taking its regular course: job, home, Sunday sex with his beautiful wife Ann, everyday jerking-off exercises.

However, bob’s fatal encounter with the mysterious Moniq, combined with his bold move, suddenly set his world upside down, changing everything he thought he knew. After an exciting sexual torture, into which he is lured by his acquaintances, Bod is seeking new methods to satisfy his perverse desires. Just as he is convinced that he can master the world of kinky games, he finds himself in the middle of a bizarre scene and discovers he cannot master his own actions. Clearly, his adventure is only beginning to unravel.

Pulling Her Chain Part 1

by Mina Valentine

While working alone with her boss one night, he began showing her affection and it ignited the deep rooted feeling within her. His words and touches were sweet seduction and she couldn’t find it within her to push him away.

What if she had never truly gotten over her feelings for him? He’s a player and all the red flags are showing but why does her ‘no’ feels like a ‘yes’?

Anthony Deluca knew that wealth, a successful career and good looks can get him any woman he wants. Being an experienced player, woman is nothing more than a tool for quick pleasure and it didn’t help that he was used to having them vying for his attention.

But Mia was different. Mia was…Mia. Was it her beauty that captivated him? The way her face would lit up with her smile or was it the way she avoided his gaze, pretending to be oblivious to his charm and attraction to her, he couldn’t tell. The only thing he knew for sure was that, he wanted her and she’s as good as his even if her boyfriend might have a thing or two to say about that.

Alyssa’s New Job: Serving the Billionaire as His Maid

by Daria Beaumont

Recent college graduate Alyssa Fields desperately needs a job, and the gorgeous black billionaire Logan Johnson really needs a maid. It seems like fate has brought them together. Will this new job stretch her to her breaking point? Will she be able to satisfy his dark desires?

Her Wish Is Their Command

by Alexa Aldaine

Katlynn Cole is newly divorced from an overbearing, abusive husband. She is discovering her sexuality for the first time and after years of being submissive she is convinced that she is in fact dominant. Finding men on the internet for random sex is her latest pastime. The danger in the game she is playing doesn’t seem to deter her from feeding her sexual appetite. She takes great pleasure in having the power to not only get laid when she wants to, but also being in charge at all times. Or is she? Katlynn is caught off guard when she recieves a reply to one of her internet ads from a mysterious man who seems vaugely familiar. Who is he and what does he want?


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