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An Adventure in Crossdressing: First Kiss by Alex Wolffe  

a lovely little tale of openly gay sex and purely erotic crossdressing – no guilt, no shame, and no deeper implications. Jared likes to get all dolled up, search the dating websites for a one-night stand, and indulge himself sexually. There’s no attempt to pass himself off as a woman, and no ‘gotcha’ surprise revelation to his dates. He’s just a man who is sexually aroused by the costume and the role he plays.

The Interview (Art of BDSM Book 1) by Ginger Cain 

a compelling plot with mad hot BDSM scenes to create the kind of story you can’t put down. The chemistry between Kayden and Matthew is intense from the start and continues to build as the story moves along. Their initial introduction goes slightly awry as Matthew mistakes the budding journalist for a client, and as Kayden gets a little taste of what he’s all about it’s clear she won’t be stopping there. She comes to the table with zero experience so she experiences this incredible journey at the hands of a true Master. Her first real session is off the charts hot!

Bad Bonny: Punishing his Brat never felt so good! by TT Tales

Perhaps a good spanking is all she needs. She’s a bad girl, but even bad girls can learn, with a stiff hand

Romance: Punished, Alpha Billionaire Collection (Taboo,Menage,Threesome,New Adult) by Steamy Reads Publishing 230

Punished by the Alpha Billionaires includes:

Punished By My Sister’s Husband

Twin Sisters Ride their Billionaire Boss

Shared by the Doctor and his Nurse

Punishing my Stepson and his Best Friend

Twin Sisters get Disciplined by their Stepdad’s Best Friend

Billionaire Erotica: BDSM – A Romantic Millionaire Brother Erotic Romance Bondage Submission Short Story by Lady Aingealicia

Jasmyn had several desires in life that were unfulfilled. She had not found the right one yet to trust. She wanted to take things beyond the normal sexual experience. For her it was more about the buildup rather than the actual intercourse. She wanted to learn how to submit and trust the person who was in control. She was new to the lifestyle and did not know where to turn or how to get there. That was until she met Maximilian at the club. He took her to a new level that she never expected. Now that she had started that journey, she would not look back.  

In His Service – BWWM BBW Billionaire BDSM: The Billionaire’s Desire (At His Command Book 1)  by Tania Beaton 

Will the innocent India be swept away on Stone’s whims? Will he exploit his power over her anduse her roughly, take her hard and without protection?

This story contains very vivid and graphic depictions of rough BDSM

Romance: Fighting For Jeb (Straight to Gay) (Gay Romance, First Time, Alpha, MM) by Sophia Turner 

Jeb isn’t simply Kevin’s trainer, he’s also his friend but as time wears on their relationships grows and changes and Kevin begins to question his heterosexuality as things begin to heat up. When a near tragedy hits, Kevin and Jeb both come to know how much more they mean to one another. 

While training in the day and working at night, his gay trainer Jeb happens to be the owner of the gym too so you know they do spend plenty of time together as they are also good friends. That’s how things turn into something more than friendship and a work relationship as Kevinn begins to question his sexuality turning this into a nice coming out of the closet story

Tested By Melissa: Open Wide (Punished by Melissa Book 2) by I.M Rogue

Constance realizes that she is a submissive and that Melissa is her dominant obsession. She confesses her feelings to Melissa who is not convinced. Melissa tests Constance’s obedience and devotion by exhausting and over stuffing her at both ends. 

From Tough Guy to Forcibly Feminized Sissy: A hardman’s journey into forced femdom feminization and total humiliation  by Sarah Millward 

I’m proposing a new career for you as a dominant hotwife, and your control of your humiliation craving, sissy husband

The Sissy and the Billionaire by Crystal Veeyant

The Sissy and the Billionaire follows a young man’s journey to his true sissy self: ending up as a crossdressed servant in a Beverly Hills mansion

Come to the Dark Side by Catherine Rose

He stepped back with a dark appraising gleam in his eyes. “We’ll see” his voice rumbled like a diesel engine from a thick well muscled neck “your first punishment will end only when you agree to kiss the whip… when you beg me for the chance to kiss it!”

The Obsession: (Erotic MMF Menage Historical) (Princess Shanyin Book 1) by Liliana Lee (Author), Jeannie Lin 

She thinks she’s in control…but he’s about to prove to the haughty princess that she is the plaything.

Princess Shanyin has a harem of male concubines to serve her every sexual fantasy, but from the moment she sees the handsome Chu Yuan, she has to have him. At her request, the Emperor gives the aristocrat over to Shanyin for her pleasure, setting off a power play of sensual torment and dominance between them. Trapped in Shanyin’s harem for ten days, will the proud Yuan surrender to his own dark desires, or will he turn the tables on the seductive princess?

This story though short is quite addictive with some panty melting scenes which include toys, a bit of bondage, and few menages. This book will keep your blood pumping and your heart racing with erotic moments and unexpected twists.

Shanyin is the sister to the Emperor, and the only person that he trusts. The Emperor gifts Shanyin with thirty concubines to keep her satisfied; however Shanyin has her eyes set on a nobleman named Yuan. Shanyin is then given ten days with Yuan to with as she pleases, though she wants Yuan to give himself to her willingly. While Shanyin attempts to seduce Yuan into her bed, she must also deal with her brother’s erratic behavior.

DOMMED by My Forbidden Alpha Billionaire (Taboo BDSM) by Sarah Sethline

Dom was marking his territory; I loved any reminder that I was his.

Every couple of months, Melissa meets up with her forbidden billionaire step for a weekend ofdomination, discipline 

On the Side by Dana Nichols 

Bored Beverly Hills housewife Lacy Morgan decides to earn a little extra on the side – as a private dancer for hire. She finds a web site that solicits women just like her with the promise of excitement and cash and soon she’s entertaining celebrities and wealthy businessmen almost every afternoon as “Pearl”, her uninhibited alter ego. She meets them at swanky hotels, their fabulous high rise apartments and sometimes even in their offices. She enjoys undressing for strange men more than she thought she would, and finds playing different parts creative and exciting. It’s also rewarding – most of her clients are married men hoping “Pearl” can jump start their desire for their wives. Sex is strictly against the rules but it’s easy to be tempted, and when Lacy meets a handsome, single widower still in love with his wife, she begins to question everything.

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