who wants polyamory more – women or men?

Do women want monogamy more than men? Or, would they consider polyamory if the they weren’t held back by circumstances or societal norms?

Here’s one person’s opinion about going back to monogamy:

I am poly, and I will not give up my other loved ones, so if you think you want something with me then either accept that, content yourself with just being a friend, or quietly exit my life…

I think it is very difficult for any one person to fulfil the sexual and emotional needs of any other one person – the question is whether they can fulfil most of their partner’s sexual/emotional desires and needs and fantasies. If they can, then there is the basis for a successful monogamous relationship

For me, polyamory isn’t primarily about sex, but rather the ability to share intimacy with more than one person. The intimacy has to happen first before I have any interest in anything sexual – subrosanomore


women, routinely portrayed as the monogamous sex, are actually not very well-suited to monogamy…

we are attached to monogamy as a way to hold families together, and women have become the main defenders of this social contract…

in every conversation I’ve had with friends about sex, every woman I know has said, not proudly but quizzically, “I think I’m more like a man” or some variation of this. I don’t think any of them would buy for a second the idea that women need more emotional connection to have sex, or that women don’t objectify people’s bodies, or that women wouldn’t want a one-night stand

15 million women in the US are on mood-stabilising drugs, a common side effect of which is reduced sex drive

http://bit.ly/13bvQYp  ( a review of book about Female Desire by D. Bergner).

So are women inclined to either monogamy or polyamory depending on their situation or needs at various times in their lives? Are women more at ease with one lifestyle than the other?

Desirous wrote:

I’m fine with monogamy when I have a partner who can satisfy my needs.

So would satisfaction of needs be a determinant of either lifestyle? tequilarose wrote:

being in a poly relationship [is] a great way to get all of my needs met.


Maybe men are stereotyped into the philandering role but they might not be the only ones playing around. When I serve women at the bar they often talk about cock and tease guys about their package. They become raunchy when they are away from their husbands. It seems women might also have a wanderlust if society were tolerant of it.


“I’m bored with him tonight. I wonder when that cute delivery guy will be here?”

If your monogamous relationship becomes a little humdrum or you are becoming bored talking the same things with your partner do you leave him/her or consider the polyamory option?

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