The strong submissive – will he last?

Several bloggers have presented their preferences for submissive males who are also strong leaders. Their submissiveness comes into play in the relationship with the dominant female by bringing out her dominance:

Susannah Clary wrote:

I look for tenderness among the strictness, I look for evidence of love and affection, I look for submissive men who treasure their position and predicament…

Women who embrace both their dominance and their raw sexuality as well as their sensuality. Women who revel in the beauty of the men who submit to them

Victoria Vista distinguishes submissive players from the real submissives:

There are men in the world that ‘play’ at submission and as you grow you learn to spot them quickly. Then there are those that by looking at them one would never know the desire that is hidden deep inside them to feel safe in the arms of a woman who can unlock that craving to please. The need to be used, admired and even objectified.  A woman who can take them to places they have only seen in their fantasies…

a man who had the courage to explore another side of him that society didn’t know how to explain or find a place for in their labeling. He knew there was a softer, more sensitive side that he didn’t know how to tap into but longed to release to a woman who could hold that emotional side of him safe

Amy   suggests a man who leads in life but is also submissive to her:

women are also looking for a man who is self confident, happy and sure of where he is headed in life. Most of the women want to be in a relationship with their submissive man…

I want a submissive who is proud to be so, I won’t be someone’s dirty secret. Kink isn’t shameful  and he should believe in this too

This suggests the conflicts of living the submissive lifestyle in ‘real life’. Men are expected  by the culture to lead but secretly submit to their partner. The overwhelming and relentless forces of the “normal” cultural expectations for males keep most of them from acknowledging and realizing their submissive emotions. It may be possible that a few can overcome these  forces with a supportive partner (such as these women), but will it last?

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interested in alternative relationships, visual artist, erotic romance writer and reviewer of erotica, drug rehab clinic intern - early 30's
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1 Response to The strong submissive – will he last?

  1. vicvista says:

    Well lovely boy! How nice to stumble upon your blog and find myself quoted here. Thank you for thinking of me and the link to a very warm post. It brought back the lovely memory of the incident that provoked it. Mmmmm

    ~ Vista

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