Beauty Prison or Healthy Lifestyle?

Lately some guys have been joking around with what they call my “obsession” with fitness. For the record, I work out at the school fitness center 4-5 hrs. /week, I swim about the same amount and when I’m not on campus I hike, bike, surf, etc. as the weather permits or use my friend’s gym pass when it’s raining in San Francisco (today).

OK, working out in the gym is a tad boring compared to windsurfing on the bay, surfing at the beach when the breakers are up or biking in the mountains. I feel a lot better after I complete the circuits. A lot of the guys in the gym flex in front of the mirrors.

buff guy checking his pecs

Do guys work out to attract mates?

I’m reluctant to show off because I don’t look as pumped as they do.

It’s sad to say but if you don’t look good, people around here are not interested in you. Heads don’t turn when you walk past guys or girls. They don’t  look at you.  You don’t get invited to parties. They don’t let you into certain private events. It’s just the way it is.

Is the gym a self-imposed prison? Am I fooling myself about the health aspects? Wish I knew. For now, I have to head off to the gym.

Gym guy

Gym rats can be nice people to meet, too.

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